Thursday, February 26, 2015

2015 UTV World Championship presented by UTV Underground.

What a phenomenal weekend out in Laughlin, Nevada for the UTV World Championship race. We had our fully loaded #1948 Monster Energy/ Pro UTV Build on the course!  With a lot of hard work, countless hours and the drive to build this beast, driver Matt Burroughs and co-driver Matt Lasher pulled through with 7th Place!  This is great for going into the 3rd race of the series, the Mint 400 held in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Scoring 7th place at the UTV World Championship means we start 6th off the line at the Mint 400!  What a great feeling and accomplishment for the drivers and team behind the #1948 race car. To get a sense of the organized chaos, here is a re-cap of the race from Matt Lasher’s point of view:
“What a fun weekend! 2 UTV world championships in one weekend at one place. Over 100 SXS's between all of the classes. Tons of racers, spectators and crew members. I pulled into Laughlin late Thursday night after school. Early friday morning we headed out to the main pit to get ready for the Family Poker Run sponsored by We got one lap to go and check out the race course. The course was sandy, fast, and rough. Lots of jumps and a few places you had to be careful of or you could end your day really fast. After the pre-run we loaded up the race car and cruised over to tech and contingency. We flew through it, knowing we had to finish up a couple things on the car before race day. We got the car finished up and went to the drivers meeting friday night. Typical Best In The Desert meeting, do this don't do that, until @warfightermade got on stage. One of the most motivating speeches I had ever heard. Just what we needed after not doing too well at the Parker 250. We grabbed some dinner and headed back to the hotel to get some rest. The day had finally come, race day! Started the day off watching the motorcycles and quads race. Then it was our turn, the desert race.  For the desert race we did 10, 17 mile laps. With 50 cars we knew the course was going to get rough really fast. Sitting in the race car with 15 cars in the row in front of us and 14 UTV's next to us and who knows how many behind us. Matt Burroughs and I started talking about our plan off the start. Do we go for it and try to get the hole shot or do we stay back and let everyone else fight each other? We both decided to go for a fast, but have a safe start. We didn't want to be the last car but we didn't want our day to end in the first turn. The first row went off. No crashes, that made both of us feel way better. Then 60 seconds later the green flag dropped and we were off. I was watching the car to the right of us and he was nowhere to be seen. I looked in the mirror and saw an angry pack of cars on our rear bumper. I took a quick look in front of us and sure enough, no one in front of us. We did it. We got the hole shot! After both of our excitement died down we got into our groove. Passed a couple cars, got passed by a few. We weren't here to win. We wanted a nice solid finish with our brand new car and a good starting position for the Mint 400. We were passing guys broken left and right. Checking off laps like they were nothing. Had some good battles with a couple guys. Then our siren went out. What do we do now? We are getting stuck behind lap traffic and slower cars without a way to tell them we were there. We didn't want to just nerf them without warning; so I started flashing our KC HiLiTES flex series light. Sure enough people started pulling over and letting us by. We were trying to figure out when we wanted to stop for a splash of gas. We knew we had to do it between lap 5 and 8. Lap 5 came and we decided not to stop. We had a couple guys behind us and we didn't want to just let them by. Lap 6 came and we had just finished a pass we had to work really hard for. We didn't want to let all that work go to waste. Lap 7 came. We had a nice gap between the group of cars behind us. I made the call to stop now. We pulled in the hot pit. 5 gallons of gas and a quick look over, 30 seconds and we were out. Not even enough time to take a drink of water and wipe off my visor. The course was getting bad. Super deep ruts. We backed it down a little. We wanted to make sure we got a finish no matter what. Our crew was giving us split times and we were running in the top 10. We were beyond ecstatic. A new team and a new car, racing against some of the best drivers in the world and we were running within the top 10. Our front diff went out. No 4-wheel drive. The ruts were getting even worse and now we didn't have the front end pulling us through. We were doing the best we could. Running a nice steady pace for the last half of the race. Still passing cars broken knowing that the course was putting a beating on the cars. Before we knew it we saw the checkered flag. What a great feeling. All the hard work and all the late nights paid off. 7th place. Just what we wanted going into the Mint. I want to give a huge thank you to Matt Burroughs for giving me this opportunity to build, prep, drive, and co-drive in a BITD Pro UTV. Without; Monster Energy, SXSPerformance, GBC Motorsports, OMF Performance, PRP Seats, Walker Evans Racing, KC Hilites, Torco USA, Summers Brothers, Vendetta Motorsports, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. See everyone at the Mint and be on the lookout for #1948 Race car!

Lets also give a huge pat on the back for Matt Burroughs, Matt Lasher, and the team behind them to pull through 7th place at the UTV World Championships.  We, SXSPerformance are excited to head out to the Mint 400, in Las Vegas Nevada March 14-17th.  Thank you to UTV Underground and Mad Media for putting on this years UTV World Championship races.

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