Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Matt Lasher beats the desert in the Pure225 PRO850 Class.

After a grueling struggle through 225 miles of rough desert terrain, Matt Lasher pulls the #1 spot in his class PRO850 at the Pure 225.  After Matt's last crash the Teryx was in pretty bad shape.  Matt knew what had to be done and kicked it into high gear to get the Teryx back into racing condition.  During the Race at about mile 6 they had overheating issues and had to pull over to let it cool down, while getting passed by everyone in which he just passed. On Lap 2 they broke the bolt that connects the upper arm to the spindle, fixed that up and with the foot on the floor made up a lot of time.  Every lap after that pretty much was switching out the battery do to charging issues.  Matt and his team took every setback in stride and pushed themselves to beat what the desert had to offer. It was an added plus that he came out on top!

Quote from Brapbrap1124 (Fernando) on Instagram:
" Finishing 225 miles of Brutally Fast Mojave Desert race course isn't easy.  Battling a fresh car with only weeks of preparation and resources literally minutes leading up to the green, not for the weak at heart.  Pushing thru for the WIN...that's what the legends are made of! Congratulations to Team @sxsperformance and The Stig @ Matt Lasher for bringing home the win"


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